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Duties & Responsibilities

The Authority’s duties under the Sector Law are to protect the interests of our three main stakeholders: electricity customers, electricity sector companies, and the Government.

Protect Customers' Interests
  • Secure electricity supply in all parts of Oman;
  • Ensure Licensees meet all reasonable demands;
  • Ensure financial and technical capabilities of Licensees;
  • Develop safe and effective operation of the sector;
  • Protect sick, elderly, limited income and rural customers; and
  • Prepare criteria in relation to welfare of customers.
Protect Companies' Interests
    • Facilitate the privatization and Liberalisation of the sector;
    • Secure the conduct of fair and transparent competitions by OPWP;
    • Minimize regulatory burdens on licensees or exemption holders; and
    • Not to discriminate between persons.
Protect Government's Interests
  • Provide advice to Ministries and PAEW
  • Comply with government policies and ensure their implementation;
  • Secure the protection of the environment; and
  • Develop economic operation of the sector.