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The Government has determined that, pursuant to Article (40) of the Sector Law, the Authority shall have five Members. Members of the Authority are collectively responsible for managing the Authority’s affairs and for ensuring that it fulfils all of its statutory obligations. Accordingly, the Council of Ministers approved the appointment of the following persons as Members of the Authority:

  Ayisha Al Mawali
Higher National Diploma of Business studies in Banking, High Institute for Financial & Commercial Studies, Khartoum Associate of The Institute of Bankers, London

Madam Al Mawali is a banker by profession with over 37 years experience of Risk Based Auditing, finance and accounting. Having joined the Oman Currency Board (the predecessor of the Central Bank of Oman) as a fresh graduate in 1974, Madam Al Mawali rose the position of Vice President – Audit in 2006 (the first lady to attain this level of seniority in the Central Bank of Oman). In addition to professional banking qualifications, Madam Al Mawali has extensive experience of auditing and financial functions and helped pioneer the introduction of risk-based audit systems in the Central Bank of Oman. Madam Al Mawali has a strong commitment to human resource and professional development and is a founding member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.
  Mohammed Al Shahri

Graduated with Licence de Droit (Licence at Law) from Beirut Arab University (Beirut) in 1990. Mr AIShahri started his working career in the private sector where he served for four years, then served for twenty years-before and after his degree- in the government where he practiced various legal aspects such as drafting and reviewing of contracts, supervision and follow up of legal aspects of on going projects.

Mr AIShahri practiced Advocacy in 2003. In 01July 2004, he formed up "Mohammed AIShahri & Associates". He is experienced in banking operations, Islamic finance, debt restructuring, taxation, administrative, commercial, corporate, merger and de­ merger, preparation of Due Diligence Reports "DDR", environment, labour, privatisation, land (real estate), IT and Communications matters, litigation and enforcement procedures. Mr AIShahri participated in the final drafting and translation of Sohar Industrial Port (SAOC) Rules & Regulations and was appointed as the Omani Law Legal Advisor for the Wave project for the period from September 2005 to January 2007. The Wave project is an approximately 1 billion US $ real estate development project.

Mr AIShahri served with The Sultans Armed Forces and retired as a Major, he is a member of the Lawyers Association, Omani Economical Association, International Bar Association and participates in various national and international events and seminars. He is well- experienced in administration, finance, and commercial negotiations, and is fluent in Arabic and English.

  Saleh Al Rashdi

Academic Qualification:
- Completed a MSC course in the Management of Engineering Projects from Lancaster University in 1997.
- Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Sunderland Polytechnic-UK in 1989.
- Diploma in Engineering Technology from Bradford College-UK in 1987.

Saleh Al Rashdi was working in the Electricity Sector since 1989 at the Ministry of Housing and Electricity and Water. When the sector was restructured, he was holding the following positions:
- Vice President of Generation at Electricity Holding Company: 2012 - 2015
- Technical Adviser at Electricity Holding Company: 2010 - 2012
- Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Oman Power and Water Procurement Company: 2008 – 2010
- Acting Chief Executive Officer - Oman Power and Water Procurement Company: 2007 – 2008 He was also a Board Member of the Rural Areas Electricity Company, Wadi Al Jizzi Power Company and Al Ghubrah Power and Desalination Company. He gained wide experience in the field of the establishment and supervision of Independent Water and Power Projects and future plans for power projects, preparation of tender documents and participation in the negotiations with investors.

  Qais Al Zakwani

Qais is the Executive Director and Member of the Authority for Electricity Regulation. He previously worked as an Economist at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority before joining the Authority for Electricity Regulation in 2007 as a Regulatory Advisor in the Office of the Executive Director and in 2009 was promoted to the position of a Deputy Executive Director. The Council of Ministers confirmed Qais's appointment as Executive Director and Member of the Authority in 2014. As the Executive Director, Qais is responsible for regulation of the electricity and related water sector in the Sultanate of Oman and in particular for proposing the general policy of the electricity and related water sector and for preparing programmes for the development of the sector in accordance with the Sector Law. Qais is a member on a number of steering committees and was most recently appointed as the Chairman of Oman Post Company by the Council of Ministers.

Qais completed a Masters in Utility Regulation (specializing in competition policy) at the London School of Economics and a second Masters in Major Programme Management at the University of Oxford, Saiid Business School