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Requests for Proposals

RFP 12/2018 for Governance Maturity Model for the Authority
RFP for Advisory Services for a National Energy Efficiency Program “Government Buildings Energy Audits & Retrofits”
The Authority issues RFP 10/2018 for Health and Safety Audits of OETC and DPC.
RFP for CRT Impact Survey (09/2018)
RFP for Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Audit
RFP for Health and Safety Audit of Oman Power and Water Procurement Company SAOC
RFP for Supply, Implementation and Support Business Intelligence System
Business Intelligence RFP Annex A
Business Intelligence RFP Annex B
RFP for Development of high-level blueprint for the introduction of electricity retail competition in Oman
RFP for Operational Audits
Reviewing and Updating Oman Electrical Standards No. 4 “Regulations for Electrical Installations”
Price Control Technical Audit of Oman Electricity Transmission Company - October 2017
RFP for Review of key regulatory issues relating to the use of electric vehicles in Oman March
RFP for Technical Advisory Services for SAHIM 2 Rooftop PV Initiative